We’ve moved



We closed our doors in New York’s Puck Building and moved our headquarters—and showroom—to a bigger, brighter spot. 


Not to worry: we haven’t gone far. We’re only a short stroll away from our old home and in a larger space, one that will now house an optometrist, our entire selection of eyewear, and of course, us.



We’re excited to show off our new space at 161 Avenue of the Americas (at Spring Street).

Come say hello!

Full location information and hours here.

So the tiny little rubbery nose comfort foot…thing on my favorite glasses just broke. I’m taking this as a sign from the optical gods to go get my prescription updated next month and get myself some Warby Parker frames.

Look at all those delicious nerdy hipster frames. LOOK AT THEM~~~~<3 <3 <3

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